Meet Gary

Gary Howard 

Gary Howard is a second generation professional prawn fisherman endorsed to fish in the Hawkesbury River. He relies on local knowledge and skills learnt over many years.
For almost 30 years Gary has operated a small family owned business supplying premium quality wild Hawkesbury River school prawns, caught, cooked and chilled on his prawn trawler the ‘Kristy Ann’. The Hawkesbury River school prawn is renowned for their size and sweet taste. He also supplies green ‘raw’ prawns to help meet the demand for locally sourced recreational fishing bait.
gary howard
Gary is very passionate about the overall health of the Hawkesbury River, and continues to inform people of the environmental, economic and political pressures that the Hawkesbury River faces.
Gary has dedicated his time to help improve the sustainability of the fishery. This includes proud involvement in fisheries related research programs, includes the trialling of novel prawn trawl designs and bycatch reduction devices. He has also presented at numerous community events to help promote and improve awareness of the local prawn trawl fishery, and continual efforts from the industry for improvement.
His work has featured on numerous television programs, magazines and online videos and stories.
Gary is a proud professional fisherman dedicated to supply sustainable and responsible seafood for the enjoyment of the community.